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Welcome to the admin guide for setting Sutori up in D2L. In a few minutes, your colleagues/instructors/teachers will be able to access Sutori within D2L.

Here are the steps to follow as an Admin

Navigate to Admin Tools -> External Learning Tools -> Manage External Learning Tool Links
Click 'New Link'
Title the configuration (for example: “Sutori”)
Enter your URL:

Check the box that says 'Link Key/Secret'
Enter your Key and Secret (provided by Sutori - email us for the keys)
Under 'Security Settings', make sure all boxes are checked

To ensure that all courses can access this configuration:

Click on 'Add Org Units'
Search for your Institution’s name
Select all descendants of type: Course Offering

Congrats! You have successfully added Sutori to D2L.

If you're an Instructor looking at how to setup Sutori within D2L, please follow this link to get setup.