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How to set up Sutori in Desire2Learn (D2L) as an Admin

Welcome to the admin guide for setting Sutori up in D2L. In a few minutes, your colleagues/instructors/teachers will be able to access Sutori within D2L.

Here are the steps to follow as an Admin

Navigate to Admin Tools -> External Learning Tools -> Manage External Learning Tool Links
Click 'New Link'
Title the configuration (for example: “Sutori”)
Enter your URL:

Check the box that says 'Link Key/Secret'
Enter your Key and Secret (provided by Sutori - email us for the keys)
Under 'Security Settings', make sure all boxes are checked

To ensure that all courses can access this configuration:

Click on 'Add Org Units'
Search for your Institution’s name
Select all descendants of type: Course Offering

Congrats! You have successfully added Sutori to D2L.

If you're an Instructor looking at how to setup Sutori within D2L, please follow this link to get setup.

Updated on: 01/09/2022