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How do I set up Sutori in Blackboard as an admin?

Here is the guide to set up Sutori in Blackboard.

In a few minutes, your instructors will be able to access Sutori within the Blackboard environment for them and their students.

Global LTI configuration/Placement Configuration

Navigate to System Admin -> Building Blocks -> Basic LTI Tool Providers
Click “Register Provider Domain”
For Provider Domain, enter
Make sure the Provider Domain is “Approved”
Under Default Configuration, check “Set globally”
Enter your Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret (provided by Sutori)
For Send User Data, select send user data only over SSL
Under Institutional Policies, check all three options for User Fields to Send (role in course, name, email address)
Save Changes

Part 2

Go to the LTI Tool Providers page, and click Manage Placements
Click Create Placement
Enter a Label (for example: “Sutori”). This will be the name that appears in the user interface
Enter a Handle. This must be unique in your database, and it will not be visible to end users
Select Content Type
Select the location where you would like this placement to appear (set under Tools or Build Content)
Enter your Key and Secret (provided by Sutori by email) and the URL:
Click Submit

If you're an instructor, click here for instructions on how to set up Sutori for your students.

Updated on: 04/09/2020