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How do I add Sutori to a course on Schoology?

Sutori can only be integrated into your Schoology environment by your administrator (click here to see how).

Once the school admin has done the necessary, you'll notice that Sutori is listed as an app on your school resources page but also on the app center drop down menu. A click will result in Sutori loading up within Schoology.

How to add Sutori to a course

Step 1

When on a specific course you have set up, you can add Sutori by clicking on 'Add Materials' and then 'Add File/Link/External Tool'.

Step 2

After selecting 'External tools', select Sutori as the app, add the title Sutori and leave the custom parameters blank.

Step 3

Congrats! Sutori is now setup as an external tool in your materials for the course. You can repeat the process for as many courses as you wish.

Updated on: 04/09/2020