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How do I set up Sutori in Moodle as an Admin?

After completing these ten steps, your instructors will be able to use Sutori within Moodle.

Navigate to your System Administration panel -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> External Tools -or- LTI (depending on your version of Moodle)
Click Add external tool configuration

Name the configuration (for example: “Sutori”)
Enter your Tool Base URL:
Enter your Consumer Key and Shared Secret (provided by Sutori)
For tool configuration usage, select "Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool"
Select an option for the default launch container (we recommend new window)
Select Always for all three options under Privacy
Check the box that says Force SSL under Privacy

Save changes

Congrats! You have set up Sutori for your educators to use within Moodle

If you're an Instructor wanting to set up Sutori within Moodle, please follow this link.

Updated on: 27/08/2020