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How do I add Sutori to my courses in Canvas?

👉 First make sure Sutori has been integrated into your Canvas environment by your administrator (click here to see how).

1. Add a Sutori story in a course page

If you have made a story public, you will have access to an embed code. You can then copy this into a course page in the Rich Content editor (see screenshots below) or in the HTML editor.

How to access the embed code on a Sutori story

How to add the embed code on the HTML editor on Canvas

2. Embed Sutori in a course discussion

3. Add Sutori as an assignment in a course

By adding Sutori as an assignment, when your students access Sutori for the first time through Canvas, Sutori fetches their Canvas account info and automatically creates a student account for them, meaning no further registration is required.

Login to Canvas and click on the course you would like to connect to Sutori
Select Assignments from the left column menu
Add a new assignment
Enter an Assignment Name ('Sutori Project' for example)
Scroll down to Submission Type
Select External Tool
Click Find and select Sutori from the pop-up menu (if not, the Canvas admin needs to install Sutori as an external app - more info here)

Optional: Check the 'Load This Tool In a New Tab' box to have a wider display of Sutori)
Click on 'Save' or 'Save & Publish

That's it! Please note that the 'student view', accessible to teachers in Canvas, does not display Sutori. However, students will be able to access Sutori.

👉 Here's how you can link to a specific story within your assignment.

👉 Here's how your students can submit their Sutori projects on Canvas using the SpeedGrader.

Updated on: 04/10/2021