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How do I set up Sutori in Canvas?

Canvas integration allows you to make Sutori work within Canvas. It removes the need for students to create accounts on Sutori as when students access Sutori through Canvas for the first time, Sutori fetches their Canvas account info and creates a student account for them without them needing to intervene.

To install Sutori as an external app, you will need access keys for Sutori, the consumer key and shared secret. Please note that in some schools, Canvas school admins are the ones who will need to install the app. Email us at to receive the access keys.

Setting Sutori up in Canvas

Click on 'Settings' in the menu on the left
Click on Apps
Search for Sutori

Search for Sutori

Click on "Add App"

Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret (provided by Sutori - email us for the keys)

Click "Add App"

Congrats! You have successfully added Sutori. You and teacher colleagues can now add Sutori as an external tool to assignments.

Check out our guide to see how teachers can add Sutori to their courses.

Updated on: 01/09/2022