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How to set up Sutori in Desire2Learn (D2L) as a teacher

Sutori is integrated into your D2L environment by your administrator. Follow the steps below to add Sutori to your course. Students will automatically have accounts created when they access Sutori within D2L.

Adding Sutori

Navigate to a content page and 'create a Module or select an existing one'
Click 'Add Existing Activities'
Select 'External Learning Tool's from the menu
Select 'Sutori'

Once you save, find the Sutori link you just created and try it out for yourself. Sutori should then load up!

Congrats! Your students can now access Sutori within D2L!

If you're an admin looking at how to setup Sutori within D2L, please follow this link to get setup.

Updated on: 27/08/2020