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Privacy: What happens to my students' data? Are you COPPA, SOPPA, SOPIPA and FERPA-compliant?

Students' data is kept secure and nothing is shared with any third parties. Furthermore, we are COPPA, SOPPA, SOPIPA & FERPA compliant and guarantee that we will not collect personal information from a child that is under 13 unless we have authorization.

In other words, we only collect personal information through Sutori from a child under 13 if the student’s school, district, and/or teacher has agreed to obtain parental consent for the use and benefit of the learning environment.

When signing up, there is a checkbox users have to check if they are older than 13. There are certain actions under 13s cannot do, including making their work public and exploring content on Sutori. Furthermore, their full names are never displayed (Jack Smith will be displayed as Jack S) and they have no profile images.

We are also GDPR compliant. Here are our terms of use and privacy policy.

Updated on: 18/10/2022