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How do I use Sutori? How does it work best?

There are three ways you can use Sutori.

1. Learning resource

Add text, media, resources and all kinds of interactivity to a story on any topic. You can then get your students to watch the videos, read the content, answer the quiz questions etc., in class or at home. Get students engaged in the content through comments. Here's a recent example from the good folk at ADL.

2. Student presentations

Set up a template so that students have a framework from which to create their projects. Feel free to use one of the templates available (a selection comes up before you begin creating) that you can edit at will. Students have access to their own tutorial).

3. Collaborative presentations

Create a story, invite groups of students or the whole class to get everyone involved. Students can also set their own collaborative stories for easy group work. (example: Frida Kahlo).

👉 Want more use cases? Check out our resources page.

Updated on: 17/08/2022