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How can students view each other's projects?

There is no central place on Sutori for students to share stories with each other, but here are some ways for them to view each other's projects:

As a teacher you have access to all student projects (as long as they are linked with you). Make sure your students have set their stories to "Secret" or "Public" (this will not work if they are fully private). Copy the URL links from the toolbar and then paste the links into one Sutori story. You can then share that story by using the classroom tag on Sutori or by pasting it to Google Classroom/Teams/LMS.

Create a gallery of stories by pasting in the link to their individual projects

If you wish your students to paste the link themselves, you can also do this. Create a collaborative story where anyone can edit on Sutori. Share that link with your students and ask them to add their project URLs to the Sutori.

Ask your students to post their projects on a Google Classroom thread

This is often used by many teachers. Simply ask your students (once they have completed their assignment) to copy/paste their project link. Make sure the setting of the story is set to "Secret" or "Public".

Make sure your students set their story to "Secret" or "Public" in order for their classmates to view their project

This is very similar to the previous step of a Google Classroom thread. Simply set up a collaborative Google Doc or Spreadsheet and ask the students to share their project URL.

Create a collaborative Padlet and ask your students to share

This works similarly to the Google Doc/Spreadsheet and Sutori pasting of links. Open up a Padlet and allow for it to be open and collaborative. Ask the students to drop their project links and then all the students can follow it in a gallery walk format.

Have your students record their screen using Flipgrid and narrate their project

Using a screencasting tool such as Flipgrid, you can have your students record and walkthrough their projects. All the videos can be found in one place on Flipgrid and it's easily accessible for the other students to watch.

Next time you set up a Zoom (or other conferencing tool such as Google Meet or Teams), you can have your students share their screen and narrate through their project. This is a fun way for students to discuss their work and replaces that classroom presentation!

Updated on: 17/08/2022