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How do I add / invite my students? What is the code for?

Adding your students is useful if you want to automatically access and add comments to your students work. If you upgrade to Unlimited, students will also have access to all of Sutori's features. There are three ways your students can join you on Sutori.

Invite students from Google Classroom or Clever

On your 'Students' page, click on the 'Invite Students' button. Click on the Google Classroom or Clever icons to invite your classes and students. Students will then need to create an account on Sutori ( to appear on your students page in their assigned class.

With Code

If you don't use Google Classroom or Clever, you can get your students to add you manually using the 5-digit code. You may need to reload/refresh the page for their names to appear.
Here is a screenshot showing where students can add the code.

Updated on: 17/08/2022