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How do I upload an image?

There are several ways you can upload an image. Start by creating an image item or opening up the media uploader.

1. Upload from Your Computer

You can select any image file from your computer provided it is in the jpg, jpeg, gif, png and svg formats. If you need to convert your file, use this free online converter.

You can upload, or drag and drop, up to 10 image files from your computer in one go!

2. Library of photographs

Search through millions of photographs. Simply search for a topic or theme and you can select a photograph. All images are of high resolution and will look great on any display. As a bonus, the image source will be automatically added.

Copy the image link from the web and paste it into the field. You can drag and drop any image taken from an website provided you use Firefox or Chrome (Safari and Edge do not allow this).

To get the link from Google Images, right-click on the image after selecting one and click on 'Copy image address' as on the screenshot below.

Tip: If you don't have a mouse, click the touch pad with two fingers to open the right-click menu.

4. Google Drive

Connect to your Google Drive and easily upload an image file.

Updated on: 17/08/2022