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Google Classroom Assignments on Sutori

You and your students can share to Google Classroom directly. Useful for setting up an assignment and getting students to submit their work.

1. Set up an Assignment

If you have set up a unit introduction, study guide, template, reading companion or even just a set of resources that you wish to share with your students, there’s an easy way to share to Google Classroom.

1. Open up any story you have created or copied and click on ‘Share’.

2. On the ‘Share’ tab, click on the Google Classroom icon.

3. Choose the class with which you wish to share the assignment.

4. Choose the action…

5. What comes up after choosing ‘Create assignment’. Notice how you can edit the title of the assignment, add instructions and put a due date.

6. Assignment appears on the ‘Classwork’ section on the specific class page that students can access.

2. Students Submitting their Work

Students have access to the same sharing mechanism, making it easy for them to submit work to Google Classroom.

1. On the ‘Share’ tab, students click on the Google Classroom icon.

2. Choose the class.

3. Choose the assignment. Please note that students are unable to share to an assignment past a due date.

Updated on: 17/08/2022