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I have purchased several Unlimited educator subscriptions. How do I manage them?

When you purchase more than one subscription, you will set up a subscription manager for you. This enables you to provide access to all features to your educator colleagues.

Log into your account, click on your profile picture, then select "Manage Subscriptions":
Manage Subscriptions

From here, you can add them using their email address. If they do not have an account on Sutori, they will receive an invitation email to join the platform. You can remove a subscription at any time as you can see on the screenshot below.


If you have renewed your subscriptions to Sutori, you will be able to "renew" individual teacher accounts or assign new ones for the upcoming year. Simply press on "renew" when logged into your admin panel. Please note that this option is only enabled if you have purchased subscriptions for your teachers.

Renew subscriptions individually

If you need more subscriptions drop us a note

Updated on: 01/09/2022