All the Google Suite can be embedded directly into Sutori. This is fantastic for having everything in one place, thus keeping the reader focused, immersed and removing the distraction of keeping other tabs open.

Please note you can embed any file taken from your Google Drive through a simple copy-paste into an embed item. Here’s how to embed specific Google’ suite resources:

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings

1. First, click on ‘File’ and then ‘Publish to the web…’

2. A box opens up. Click on ‘Publish’.

3. Copy the link and embed it into an embed item on Sutori.

4. Create an embed item and paste the public link here.

Google Maps, Forms:

No need to make a Google Maps or Forms public. Simply copy the link and paste it into Sutori for it to be fully embedded. Below an example of how it works for Maps but it is the exact same process for Forms.

1. Copy URL link.

2. Create an embed item and paste the link here.

Sample of an embedded Google map on Sutori. You can interact with the map like on the site itself.